We are employing best practices to keep our patients safe and to protect ourselves as well.

Our property manager has informed us that the building’s janitorial team has begun using hospital grade disinfectants. Janitorial staff are being trained about virus transmission and are being taught cleaning techniques to mitigate risk, including disinfecting “high-touch” points, such as elevator buttons, armrests, door handles, light switches, and handrails.

Dr. Chidekel is disinfecting test equipment and her testing table between each patient.

What else we are doing:

  • Washing our hands frequently
  • Provider sanitizer in the interior hall for you (and us) to use before and after sessions
  • Regularly disinfecting door handles within the office
  • Staying home if we feel sick
  • Modifying cancellation policies to support you to stay home if you feel sick

What you can do:

  • Wash your hands before your appointment
  • Cancel your appointment if you feel sick
  • Go home now if you feel sick

If you become ill within five days of visiting our office, please call us to let us know.  If we become aware of any exposure within our office, we will notify you.

We are all at our best when we care for each other.

Introducing Dr. Chidekel via video