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Parents interested in making an application for their children to attend various gifted programs such as the Davidson Institute and the Mirman School, must first determine if their children are qualified to apply. One step in determining this qualification is IQ testing. Dr. Chidekel is one of the licensed psychologists on the Testing Referral List for The Mirman School.


Dr. Chidekel assesses children, adolescents and adults struggling with academic, developmental, emotional, relational, occupational, and behavioral difficulties. She is known for her knowledge of brain-behavior relationships, and for her ability to understand the interplay between emotional, neurocognitive, and interpersonal dynamics. It is this integrated understanding of cognitive and emotional processes that insures that plans for treatment and modifications for home, work and school are addressed in ways that are specific, comprehensive and proactive.


Dr. Chidekel serves as an expert witness for attorneys in personal injury, employment, education, class action, elder and family law, and criminal matters. She is retained by Plaintiff and Defense in approximate equal proportions. Cases involve consequences of medical malpractice, traumatic brain injury, neurodevelopmental disorders, access to special education, emotional trauma, and capacity. She is sought by attorneys who want the truth about their clients. She provides them with a clear understanding of the issues at hand, so they are best able to negotiate fair settlements. For matters that can’t be settled out of court, she loves the good fight, which is whatever fight is on behalf of the truth. She welcomes the opportunity to work with attorneys who are similarly-minded.