​Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Chidekel provides psychodynamic psychotherapy to adults to address a wide variety of problems. Her approach is informed by the perspective that insight into what drives problems is a key component of change. Psychotherapy can be a tool to address acute problems, and to refine our approach to living. It can impact how we think of ourselves and others, how we function at work, ways that we parent our children, and the ways we interact in our relationships with friends and loved ones.

Parent Consultation

If you are like most parents, what’s happening in your house is different than what you imagined would happen when you were anticipating having children. It seems so easy to parent, in theory. In practice, it can be something else entirely. Many parents of this generation struggle to find a role that strikes the right balance between authority and permissiveness. Many feel an absence of control in their homes, yet are ambivalent about taking charge for fear that they will squelch a child’s creativity, make a child angry, or seem rigid to other parents. Many parents wonder if taking charge will work. What if a child refuses to cooperate? And how do you do it?

Dr. Chidekel dedicates a portion of her practice to consulting with parents of young children who are struggling to find a balance that works. Helping parents understand the types of thinking and behavior that are possible – and impossible – for children at different stages according to brain development, and helping them to understand the depths and complexities of their and their children’s emotional lives informs her approach to parent consultation.