Deborah Budding, PhD, Jayme Jones, PhD and Dana Chidekel, PhD have created Theory in Practice Inc., under the auspices of which we serve as providers of continuing educating for Phd and PsyD psychologists, LCSW's, MFT's, and Educational Therapists (thus far). Though CEU's will be available for professionals who attend, we aim to teach courses to make information accessible for everyone (e.g. plain English, no unexplained acronyms, lots of real-life stories and humorous videos to illustrate ideas). 

Morning Sessions: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Each morning session will be the same:

The Vertically Organized Brain:

Beyond Right and Left Hemisphere and Below the Cortex 

Afternoon Sessions: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

Each afternoon session features a different topic of discussion: 

9/13/14 - Pasadena at the Frostig School

Implications for Evaluation and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders 

10/11/14 - Encino at the Westmark School

Implications for ADHD, Sensory Integration, and Learning Disorders

11/15/14 - Culver City at the Park Century School

Implications for ADHD, Learning Disorders, and Anxiety

1/24/15 - Orange County at TBD

Implications for Trauma and PTSD

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Providing professionals and parents a clear and practical understanding of the relationship between brain development and behavior in everyday life.