Dana Chidekel, PhD

​A psychological corporation

“Warring Siblings, Second Spouses and Suddenly-Not-So-Distant Relatives: Strategies to Mitigate Escalating Litigation in Elder Law Scenarios”

When parents are aging, medical decision-making, provision of care, and distribution of inheritance can ignite conflicts among relatives that flare and accelerate with the speed and force of a forest fire. “Mature adults” behave like the children they once were.  Unresolved conflicts that have lurked quietly in the background for years reconfigure in an instant around who gets to make which decision, who gets what from the estate, who knows or knew the parent best, who is most loved. Bitter rivalries, accusations and suspicions flourish in such soil. The parents who might have earlier kept the peace are now too infirm to do so. The fight leaves the family home and moves into the court system, where litigants weaponize themselves with attorneys.  Money is spent, acrimony escalates. This talk will offer tools attorneys can use to help prevent and de-escalate conflicts and to move clients toward resolution before all the money is spent and any possibility of future harmony is left in ashes on the courtroom steps. 

September 20, 2018 

Beverly Hills Bar Association, Elder Law Section Meeting 

Beverly Hills, CA

October 11, 2018

ProVisors LA Estate and Succession Planning Affinity Group

Century City, CA