Common issues that are focal for testing

Attentional problems

Learning Challenges

Social problems

Needs of the gifted

Autism Spectrum disorders

Organizational difficulties

Behavioral problems

Anxiety/Depression/Bipolar Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

"Sensory Integration" problems

"Auditory Processing" problems

Accommodations for

SAT/ACT/LSAT and other

standardized tests

Consequences of premature birth

Cognitive and emotional

complications of head injury/


mitochondrial/genetic disorders

Dana Chidekel, PhD

​A psychological corporation

Are you a parent of a child who is struggling, who is trying to figure out what type of evaluation your child needs?

Understanding what distinguishes neuropsychologists from child psychologists, school psychologists, and other mental health professionals who evaluate children is understandably confusing. To clarify the distinctions so you can make the best choice for your child's needs, click here:

What is neuropsyche?

Are you an adult referred for an assessment?

Perhaps you are struggling to do well at work or to be successful in your relationships. Perhaps you struggle to control your moods or aspects of your behavior. Perhaps you have had a head injury or live with a medical disorder that impacts your thinking or emotions. Neuropsychological assessment clarifies your strengths and illuminates what is getting in your way, so treatment and support plans can be created to help move you forward.

Will insurance cover the costs of neuropsychological assessment? 

Dr. Chidekel is not a preferred provider on your helath plan, but if you have a PPO with out-of-network coverage, they may cover part of her fee. Click here for the information you'll need to speak with your insurance company:

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