Dana Chidekel, PhD

​A psychological corporation


Chidekel serves as an expert witness in civil, employment, educational, class action, and (limited) elder law, family law and criminal matters. Cases involve medical malpractice, personal injury (including traumatic brain injury), neurodevelopmental disorders, special education, testamentary capacity,  and trauma. She loves the good fight, which is whatever fight is on behalf of the truth. She enjoys collaborating with attorneys who are similarly-minded. 

Dr. Chidekel performs Independent Medical Evaluations (I.M.E.'s) of adults seeking disability benefits through private disability insurance policies and through the Social Security Disability Insurance program. She performs testamentary capacity evaluations for adults who are creating or making changes in their estate plans.

She performs Independent Educational Evaluations (I.E.E.'s) funded by school districts. She also participates in Individual Education Plan meetings (I.E.P.'s) and testifies in Due Process Hearings. She is retained by the families of disabled students and by school districts. 

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