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Chidekel, D.  and Budding, D.E.

​Compass Education Group Newsletter, ACT, SAT, LD April 13, 2015

The Neuropsychologist's Guide to Accommodations


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Hyperbilirubinemia: Subcortical Mechanisms of Cognitive and Behavioral Dysfunction

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ADHD and Giftedness: A Neurocognitive Consideration of Twice Exceptionality

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From Movement to Thought: Executive Function, Embodied Cognition and the Cerebellum

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Sensory Integration, Sensory Processing, and Sensory Modulation Disorder: Putative Functional Neuroanatomic Underpinnings

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Adaptation, Expertise, and Giftedness: Towards an Understanding of Cortical, Subcortical, and Cerebellar Network Contribution

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Procedural Deficits in Learning Disorders: A View Beneath the Verbal-Nonverbal Dichotomy

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The Place of Boundaries